Illusions: Solo Exhibition by Anuchit Klinkulab

Illusions is a solo exhibition of latest artworks by emerging Thai artist Anuchit Klinkulab. As divulged by the exhibition title, Anuchit uses his talent and ingenuity to turn the canvas into his personal playfield. When seeing his works up close, abstract lines and colors are the only obvious outcome. However, the magic happens when the viewer walks further away from the works or takes a picture. The full picture is revealed of famous celebrities or personas painted within the lines of his canvas. This technique creates a moment of awe when viewers realize that there is more to the paintings that meets the eye literally.


The artist uses well-known figures as they are his idols and inspiration in life. Most of them being painters or politicians such as Vincent Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo, they succeeded in their work life and left a positive mark behind for others to follow. Along with familiar faces that viewers can immediately identify, the artist uses optical illusions through a very pop-art like style catching viewers’ attention with its color and loud positioning. This eases the transition for viewers to feel excited enough to view his works more in depth and really leaning in to have a deeper conversation with the artworks around them.

Consequently, Khun Anuchit strives for viewers to have a deeper outlook in their everyday surrounding through this experiment with perception. Every day there are interactions through advertisements, subtle messages, innocent-looking products or exchanges that happen and we believe them for what they are. But there is always something lurking just beneath the surface. Only if we are perceptive enough to dig deeper, the illusions that have been created by powers that be, can one day surface.