Don’t Fall In Love With Me

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “Don’t Fall In Love With Me” art exhibition to be held from October 15 - November 29, 2015. This exhibition showcases the latest artworks of Kowit Wattanarach, who depicts a tale of infatuation versus love.

It’s all about love. “Don’t Fall In Love With Me” is a solo exhibition of the latest artworks by Thai artist Kowit Wattanarach, showcasing playful portraits that pull the viewer’s emotional chords. The beauties in Kowit’s portraits are all ready to play the precarious game of love, but the game starts from the very beginning. The way a woman looks –her painted lips, the way her eyes twinkle, or the way her cheeks make a dimple – it is this first impression that is attractive and from where the games begin. “Don’t Fall In Love With Me” is a tale of caution, warning the viewer that if he or she comes too close, or lingers too long – unknowingly they will fall into the inevitable trap.

The artist elaborates about how the beginning of a relationship always leads with new feelings of giddiness and happiness, but this summer breeze can turn into sweltering heat without warning. Without explanation, love can choose its victim and turn a simple, endearing infatuation into something more profound. Such stories of each canvas differs with its individual characteristics.

“Taller than the tallest tree, deeper than the deepest blue sea is, that’s how it’s got to feel if it’s real” (All The Way, Frank Sinatra)

If it’s not real, it’s not worth it. Don’t fall in love with Kowit’s beauties if you’re not sure, because this game is not for the faint hearted.  Kowit Wattanarach lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.