Where The Wind Blows

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present Where The Wind Blows solo exhibition to be held from August 7 September 30, 2015. This exhibition showcases the latest artworks by Chaiwichit Sitthiwong,

In the north of Thailand, there are familiar and unfamiliar places surrounded by beauty that not only stuns, but transcends the minds of people. Thai artist Chaiwichit Sittiwong presents the breathless charm of Thailand’s nature through his colorful canvases. A graduate of the renowned Rajamangala University of Technology, he depicts how life in nature creates a healing energy in people and our environment.

One of the brightest minds of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein once said “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” With this in mind, we can look into Chaiwichit’s depiction of nature and better comprehend why things happen, especially things that are beyond our control. Gazing into nature, we get the sensation of how vast and substantial the universe really is, and how tiny we are in front of it.

Seasons change, wind blows, and the earth continues to spin in spite of the worries of the human race. We may not always want to comprehend why things happen, but when gazing into the loving embraces of nature in Chaiwichit’s paintings, viewers are at a standstill between peace and serenity in the midst of their hurried, cosmopolitan life.