Sense of Surroundings

Koi Art Gallery presents “Sense of Surroundings” exhibition to be held from June 19- July 31, 2015. This exhibition showcases the latest artworks by duo Thai artists Rath Panitcharoenphol and Winyagorn Junthasiri, who explore peculiarities of the subconscious through their unique illustrative styles.

Sense of Surroundings” Thai artists Rath and Winyagorn take on a difficult path as they convey their chaotic subconscious senses onto the canvas. The artists create distinctive forms, eerie in nature yet universal in its core. These stem from countless dreams, fears and imaginations. The canvas not only acts as a medium, but is also a channel to release their expressions that are indescribable and unbelievable.

While the works of Rath have fluidity in its color, Winyagorn is kaleidoscopic and chaotic in his form. Both the artists deal with complex issues, resulting with an overwhelming visual stimulant which forces the audience to question its meaning further. With Winyagorn’s symmetrical yet whimsy illustrations create a psychedelic energy, Rath creates a darker form of hypothesis, question different scenarios of ‘what ifs’ with different situations.

While both artists look deep into their subconscious for sources of inspiration, the artists cite their everyday surroundings and elusive dreams which they use to question about life.