Reading the (In) Habitant

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “Reading the (In) Habitant,” a visual art exhibition to be held from May 8- June 14, 2015. This exhibition showcases the latest artworks by the independent studio Likaybindery, founded by artists Mali Chulakiet (Li) and Phantipa Thanchookiet (Kay), who share their passion for books, their aesthetic value, paper and the design of information.

Likaybindery is an independent studio specializing in handmade bookbinding and the production of book based artworks since 2005. The founders Mali Chulakiet (Li) and Phantipa Thanchookiet (Kay) have pursued their aspiration for fine arts and design and together formed their passion into reality with Likaybindery.

Reading the (In) Habitant” is a duo exhibition that explores the structural form of books, combining the techniques of bookmaking with fine arts inspired from the aesthetics of nature. Their latest artworks in the form of visual art installation or book sculptures are versatile in nature.

The artists turn each piece into a tool in finding the answer to a question, using the natural process of ‘making > seeing > thinking.’ This method has long been used by artists and philosophers since centuries to analyze and grasp the meaning of abstract concepts and objects.

Using the medium of books as a space to explore, the medium turns from a tool of information into a physical and literal vehicle of artistic expression. The physical structure of paper, scale and texture are used to challenge the primary objective of books. The physical art of book-making overpowers any previous form of communication it would have offered in its traditional form. The installations are present in the open for everyone to ‘read.’

Armed with various exhibitions in Thailand and background with Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in various fields of Fine Arts and Communication abroad, the girls of Likaybindery seek to open the viewers’ perspective to the versatile nature of their creative efforts.