Le Kinlaads: Exhibition by Pom Jitpratuk

Le Kinlaads” is a solo exhibition of latest artworks by Pom Jitpratuk, a talented artist and designer with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from UK’s renowned Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design.

A place born out of sheer imagination, “Le Kinlaads” represents freedom, warmth and endless possibilities. A place void of time and space, it has been built in the mind of the artist from previous letters, travels, experiences and thoughts. Evolving in aesthetics, the artist keeps true to his approach to the different psyches of the human subconscious. His playful yet detailed style directs the viewer’s eyes constantly to the subjects in his paintings. 

Sights filled with blue skies and fluffy clouds, one cannot escape the dream-like feeling the canvas holds. Breaking the confines of nature’s laws, there is no gravity to ground the subjects or restrict the overflow of emotions, especially ones pertaining to love. The sweet yet serious sentiments here are represented by fancy and whimsy illustrations which can be enjoyed by viewers of all backgrounds. The artist cites his need for a change in pattern and everyday surroundings as his source of inspiration. True to his unique graphic contemporary style, Pom’s new works has a dynamic vocabulary that connects viewers with their subjective imaginations. Tuning out the physical plane, the artist invites viewers to break their realistic approach to life and look beyond.

Pom Jitpratuk’s paintings lead us to a journey of moments, endearing expressions, and heartfelt possibilities. His works have been exhibited throughout Thailand. He currently lives and works in Bangkok.