Enchanted Seasons

Koi Art Gallery presents “Enchanted Seasons” by Soonthorn Sukkaew. Since a young age, Soothorn Sukkaew has expressed emotions and visions through the bold strokes of his brushes. In his current exhibition, the artist has transformed seasons into sights of faded visions. Looking deep into the curves and edges of his strokes, subtle forms and images materialize into awkward and ethereal subjects. The spirit of the artist’s works is presented within a framework of compelling colors and solidified texture, creating a self-conscious balance between two.

As expressed by the artist, he uses abstract works and definitions to break the rules of painting: there is no real dimension, measured reality or structured objects. Imagination, freedom and colors take charge and exhibit an awareness of plausible realities to the viewer.

Soonthorn Sukkaew’s abstract works are appreciated and viewed by audiences from all different walks of life. His vibrant message of color and nature bring forth a universal appeal.