Why We Fight

 “Why We Fight” is a solo exhibition of the latest artworks by Thai artist Preecha Raksorn. In this exhibition, the artist portrays a series of paintings showcasing the perpetual struggle of survival through the unique combination of storytelling and comic art.  

Preecha Raksorn begins this story with an old man painting a younger man, one who is physically stronger on the surface. With the painting complete, the series ignites into a full-blown narration of constant struggle and fight when the young man in the painting jumps out of the canvas and into the real three-dimensional world.

The actual oil paintings skillfully illustrate a comic book effect through a variety of symbolism, color and layout, creating a dynamic vocabulary that resonates with all personalities and viewers. As the series progresses further, the story captivates viewers with its climatic energy and action –one that is open for the audience to analyze and connect to.

As a fight ensues between the painter and its now-breathing subject, a clear phenomenon occurs: one where each man is fighting for his existence and relevance. The artist brings forth a startling question of who should be the winner: the creator or its creation? There exist copious ways to decipher “Why We Fight” to contemporary life, the theme of relevance and constant struggle to survive as an artist, an individual, or an idea. Consequently, the series does not conclude the fight but leaves the viewer to wonder and interpret the winner by themselves.