Games of Desire

 “Games of Desire” is a solo exhibition of the latest artworks by rising Thai artist Kowit Wattanarach. In this exhibition, the artist exposes the lure brought forth by beauty and desire, diving beyond the surface of charming illusion.

Kowit Wattanarach captures the essence of temptation in his latest exhibition of oil paintings, emphasizing on beauty and gaze with subliminal symbols fused into the works. In viewing the series at first instance, the viewers are drawn to the bold sexual connotations present. The purposeful parting of the lips, innocent gaze and sexual appeal are meticulously painted to produce a series of breathtaking works.

The dynamic women in the artist’s works are depicted in a whimsical, sensual form, yet also convey a sense of truth that reveals the complicated aspects of Thai society. The truth that stares back from the canvas is clouded in mystery and charm. There are however subtle symbols at play – paper flowers, gloves, particular movements, and the mischievous butterfly. The works portray different women, different approaches, and different characteristics.

In delving beyond the surface of beautiful faces and bodies, the artist seeks to illustrate the various issues which have been transcended into a national social dilemma for Thailand.

Kowit Wattanarach seeks to stir debate around what has become a national social dilemma: while illegal, Thailand’s dens of ill repute are regulated and supported due to their commercial success. For those who work in the trade – many times, successive generations of women – the outcome of such a career is rarely a happy one.

Through Games of Desire, the artist has thrown into sharp relief the complicated truth and conflicting emotions that exist around this dilemma. Mysterious and seductive, the creatures of the night may seduce men – wittingly or unwittingly – into falling in love with them. And while a semblance of affection exists during these shared moments of beauty, the love one finds here is as real as a paper rose.