Labyrinth of my Mind: Exhibition by Kamol Tamseewan

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “Labyrinth of my Mind,” a solo exhibition to be held from August 2–September 15, 2013. This exhibition showcases the latest artworks by Kamol Tamseewan, who explores the depth and complexity of the human mind through the use of emphatic strokes and brushes.

“Labyrinth of my Mind” is a solo exhibition of the latest artworks by Kamol Tamseewan, a upcoming & emerging Thai artist from Thailand. In this exhibition, the artist explores the intricate nature of the human mind affected by various elements in present-day surroundings.

The artist embarks on a journey of questions and discoveries and navigates his way around the mysterious and complex working of his own mind. Kamol tries to convey his emotions, thoughts, physical and spiritual experiences through the use of unique brush technique and fragmented lines in the works.

The artist’s abstract technique provides audiences an opportunity to interpret and formulate their own opinions about his works. Although the subject of Kamol’s works deal with complex issues, his visual technique turns away from an overwhelming visual stimulant and instead conveys emotions through a vigorous and fluid movement. The dramatic brush strokes in Kamol’s paintings emanate feelings of questions and discoveries, connecting with any and all viewers –regardless of their origins and truly universal in its tone.

The artist infuses his emotions in the broken lines – highlighting quiet moments, failures, happiness, regrets, anger, incontrollable nature, resentment and everything in the middle that comes with being human. The never ending experiences and constant struggle to understand the vast mind is a phenomenon which the artist has captured through the brilliance and simplicity of his brush strokes.

“Labyrinth of my Mind” reminds viewers to always strive to question life and the wellness of their being, while taking a step back to understand there is a bigger purpose at play.