Monster Parade: Painting Exhibition by Tossapol Khemawatthanakul

Koi Art Gallery is pleased to present Tossapol Khemawatthanakul’s solo painting exhibition in Bangkok. A Fine Art graduate from Silpakorn University, Khemawattanakul is a young and talented artist in Thailand.

   Khemawatthanakul’s life has been molded by urbanization, bedazzled by ever changing futuristic architecture inhabited by the so called 'salarymen' who have been racing with time fighting themselves. Living and working under pressure, sufferings, tedious daily schedule and lifeless lives. That's the real world he has been stuck in. Reminiscence of childhood has become his pastime the time when there was time that the coexistence between life and daydreams is real. It inspired him to create these works of Art, the medium that connect this world and the realm of imagination. 

   These uncanny white monsters are in parade while chatting in amenity with each other. With its wide smile is like their first step of understanding easily with us. They have exposed themselves and invited us to the mysterious unbound land under the timeless sky but painted by colorful emotions.  They act accordingly to their feelings, and happiness and fun are the inseparable part of their lives. It is just like a dreamy community free from the unbearable burden of the real world.

   Khemawatthanakul presents an inconspicuous space where he has been craving for. We may say that it's impossible to find the space that fits us perfectly in a daily life. We therefore are perpetually seeking the sense of nostalgia, things in the past of things that do not exist to fulfill what is lack in our life. These paintings would give the audience full of comfortable feelings and make fly high above the real world. Only in dreams that can let the freedom be free in order to escape of cover up something unsatisfactory and laid back, using your imagination beyond the border of logical world.

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