In Her Space

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “In Her Space” to be held from June 7-30, 2013. This exhibition showcases the latest artworks by Sutthirak Prasitsart.

In Her Space” is a solo exhibition of the latest artworks by Thai artist Sutthirak Prasitsart who examines the dynamics between space, shadows and the form of a woman. The artist presents enchanting body forms of a real woman; one who is voluptuous, sensual, and natural.

Sutthirak uses charcoal on canvas to highlight and draw out the mysterious splendor of the woman’s form. Although the body is displayed within shadows, the face is always hidden out of sight. The enigma and powerful delicacy infused within the forms also brings out a sensual, almost pathos quality to viewers. The quality of the works positions this natural beauty above the slender, model-infatuated figures established by the media and society today.

The artist uses both natural body form and negative space to challenge the view of a woman’s true body form, one that is real and against the current trend. The visually stimulating and artistic approach to the canvas showcase the true contemporary nature of the artworks. Through this series, the artist seeks to push viewers to look past the exposed skin and explore how the body moves with expression and meaning within the space and shadows. 

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