Wild Wild Girl

Koi Art Gallery is pleased to present “Wild Wild Girl” a solo exhibition of Thai artist Tanasan Kanakasem. The exhibition is on view from May 9-31, 2013.

“Wild Wild Girl” presents a series of oil on canvas works by emerging Thai artist Tanasan Kanakasem. Having completed a Masters Degree in Visual Arts and exhibited throughout Thailand on the subject of women, Tanasan has mastered the subject, pursuing it further with his solo exhibition at Koi Art Gallery. This exhibition is an investigation of a deeper, darker side of innocence. The artist seeks to examine the confusion that is ever present in the world today, subtly comparing the feelings and characteristics of a young girl to that of animals. Impressions of overpowering isolation and loneliness unsettle the serene quality exuded on the face of a young girl.

The unsettling confusion and emotions displayed by the subject in the canvas draws viewers closer to the strange details that habitat the pictures. At first glance, the loneliness is apparent. However, the closer one looks at the works, the more muddled the situation seems to get. The artist seeks to let viewers create their own interpretations of the works presented in the solo exhibition. 

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