Mythologies of Beauty

“Mythologies of Beauty” investigates and challenges the notions of beauty set by society, which drive men and women to look desirable and youthful using any means necessary. The artist cleverly uses the peacock as a symbol of pride and vain –luring viewers with his playful symbolism and stunning visual aesthetics. Thongmai Thepram showcases the process behind plucked beauty - containing needles, masks and the inevitable doom that is age.

The artist portrays the juxtaposition of characters that cannot exist without the ritual of flaunts and flairs, where the boastful are determined to ‘save face’ and hide the surgical methods used, such as cosmetic surgery and breast enhancements. No matter how successfully people surgically enhance their bodies or faces, the insecurities can never be medically cured.

Through this series, the artist urges viewers to pause and appreciate the transient moment of youth and beauty. Beauty is not only about the physical appearance, it’s about the pure and grace within. In revealing the ‘secret’ that creates beauty, the artist showcases the old battle between age and youth. It’s the modern day’s real alternative to the fountain of youth. 

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