Inner Soul

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “Inner Soul” a solo exhibition of works by international Thai artist, Attasit Pokpong. The exhibition is on view from March 8-31, 2013.

Inner Soul” is a solo exhibition of the latest artworks by critically acclaimed Thai artist Attasit Pokpong. This exhibition explores the beauty of the Asian women, both inside and out. The artist presents close up portraits which are unmistakably oriental in their features, but universal in their unassuming beauty –which appeals to all viewers, regardless of race or background.

Dotting his canvases with exotic oriental features, eye-catching colors, playful mischievousness, dripping sensuality and the approachable yet intimidating hypnotic eyes, the artist hides a deeper meaning beyond the surface of each work.

Attasit aims to capture the Asian woman’s unique persona, inner strength, mysterious gaze, and most importantly, her inner soul through the colors and stroke of his paintbrush. Attasit explains “women, men and children will express their true feelings through their faces. When we see them, their faces and eyes will disclose how they feel.”

Attasit’s close-up portraits display not only his expert ability to compose realistic, visually entrancing paintings, but also his ability to convey emotions better through paint than a thousand words can. Once introduced with the subjects of Attasit’s dynamic faces, viewers quickly migrate towards his works as if pulled by a magnetic current. 

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