Walking on the Cloud

Koi Art Gallery in conjunction with harperdesign and Choice Interiors are proud to present Wanlop Han-San-Thia, young Lanna artist in “Walking on the Cloud” art exhibition showcasing  his latest collection of 2-dimension semi-abstract paintings.  This is his solo exhibition features exceptional art pieces expressing beauties from his daily surrounding impression and his travel experiences which brought him peace and happiness and also inspired him to create the exceptional art works, which Wanlop has been renowned for.  


Wanlop, a good natured and talented artist with an art degree from Chiang Mai University, was inspired by the wonders and beauties of nature as well as his love of impressive surrounding and travels which has been the source of peace, happiness and life energy.  This energy helps drive his idea and imagination as well as inspire him to share his experiences through the series of painting.  The painting illustrate the natural harmony that creates peace and beauty and the true wonders of beautiful environment. In “Walking on the Cloud” exhibition, Wanlop expertly used acrylic color dotting on canvas technique to create the 2-dimension paintings, which illustrate his feeling and attitude toward nature from his imagination such as forest, flowers, mountains and impressive architectures. Putting the small color dots together created soft and beautiful movement of colors and the positive feeling of peace and serene happiness that this good natured artist intended to share with the interested public.        


Interested persons and art lovers are invited to see Wanlop’s collection of paintings in “Walking on the Cloud” Art Exhibition during May 1-31, 2010 at Rotunda Gallery and Garden Gallery & Café at the Neilson Hays Library.

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