My Magical Romance: Art Exhibition by Natthawut Singthong

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “My Magical Romance” Art Exhibition, the latest collection of drawing works by Natthawut Singthong, a young successful artist who has rapidly gained his fame from a unique black and white drawing on canvas technique that he chose to beautifully and artistically communicate the beauty of love and romance. He used the women’s evening and bridal gowns to represent various aspects of love regardless of whose and how.  

My Magical Romance is the first solo exhibition of this year from Natthawut Singthong, 33 years old artist with a master degree in fine arts from Chiang Mai University, who is renowned for his unique black and white painting works. His latest works features the beauty and value of love despite its consequence whether love would cause pain or happiness, satisfaction or disappointment. Natthawut skillfully chose women’s evening and bridal gowns as the medium to convey his feeling towards love in various aspects. Each piece of his art works would reflect the magic of love and romance. Sometimes, love is mysterious and filled with lies and hatred while some other time, love is full of need and lust. Love can also be pure and gentle. It all depends on time and memory and it can happen to anyone at any time.

Apart from the beauty of his art works, Natthawut would like also to reflect the fact and reality of love which can be hurtful or joyful. Love is also not forever, so, if there is a start, it definitely has its ending. If we understand and accept this truth, we would appreciate the value of love and happiness.

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