The State of Play: Painting Exhibition by Nigel Price

Koi Art Gallery is pleased to present Nigel Price’s solo painting exhibition in Bangkok. A Fine Art graduate from Liverpool’s John Moore’s University and originally from North Wales, Price has lived and worked in Bangkok since 1995.

In his latest exhibition “The State of Play”, Price absorbs imagery from everyday observations. Charged with an undercurrent of eroticism, albeit corrupted and crude in perspective, his paintings are a direct response to his immediate environment, as well as an observation of contemporary popular culture.

Utilizing photographs from various sources - personal, the Internet and other media - these images go into a manipulated melting pot rendering them distant from the original. Mixing and contrasting seemingly unconnected elements, Price avoids direct narratives leaving his compositions ambiguous for more open-ended interpretations. Yet such ambiguity is loaded with insinuation and innuendo that nudges certain perceptions.

His work draws influence from a broad spectrum, from neo-classical 19th century romantic painting, the German Expressionists, Francis Bacon, and Marcus Harvey, to the once dubbed “King of Kitsch” Vladimir Tretchikoff, whose hugely popular “The Chinese Girl” aka “The Green Lady”, Price delivers his own interpretation of.

The “State of Play” is a loose title encompassing “how things are at present”. It refers to Price’s current state of mind and the condition of his art in the present as an integral and continuous process. It is also a tongue in cheek reference to Thailand as a destination of leisure and in particular the “love industry”.

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