Back to nature: Paintings by Wanlop Han-San-Thia

Koi Art Gallery presents “Back to nature” painting exhibition to be held from January 5-31, 2011. This exhibition showcases the nature inspired 2-dimension paintings of a good natured artist, Wanlop Han-San-Thia.

“Back to nature” is an exhibition of latest works by Wanlop Han-San-Thia, a good natured and talented artist with an art degree from Chiang Mai University. These art pieces were created from his inner conscious crying out loud and demanding the artist to get back to nature where there is always never-ending learning waiting for him in this vast classroom. Nature is always reminded him of the time when he was young, happy and carefree amidst mountains and streams. Wanlop has expertly illustrated his impressive experience and feeling towards nature through his bold and colorful strokes which are a total opposite of his renowned acrylic color dotting on canvas technique. However, regardless of the techniques, Wanlop has once again created cheerful movement of colors and the positive feeling of joyful happiness towards nature that he intended to share with the interested public.