Pink Things photo exhibition

Koi Art Gallery Presents \\\"Pink Things\\\" photo exhibition during November 4 - 30, 2010. This exhibition showcases the images emphasizing on organic, human and formal aspect of these \\\'man made\\\' mechanical items in their original surroundings utilizing both traditional film and digital techniques. 

\\\"Pink Things\\\" is an exhibition of a limited edition in the long term project by Brendan A. Linane, originally a painter, discovered photography, and has pushed the boundaries of the camera as a creative tool since 2000. In its short history, photography has predominantly been limited to attempting to convey a story ,or to capturing a moment, that somehow \\\'says it all\\\'. Indirect contrast to this, Brendan aimed to extract and present qualities from every day mundane objects that are all around us. Alternating between an almost arbitrary, to a broadly selective approach, using the limitless items commonly seen on the roadside as a starting point., and encountering new, or unexpected situations within the artist\\\'s set limitations, rather than simply depict or illustrate in a technically \\\'correct\\\' manner. This artist hoped to isolate and emphasize the qualities that are so often overlooked, and incorporated these qualities into a new and very personal vision. It does not matter if the resulting presentations are recognisable as objects, or not, and they do not have to be abstract.

The show is entitled \\\'Pink Things\\\' as this color, while not always obvious, is an important part of each image. Not only \\\"Pink\\\" isthe main scheme of the exhibition, the color is also in line with \\\"Pink Ribbon\\\", the symbol to support breast cancer research and awareness. Part of the revenue from the sales of images during this exhibition will be donated to The Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer to support the breast cancer patients in rural area.