Through Beholder’s Eyes

“Through Beholder’s Eyes” is a duo exhibition of modern art works by Ketkarn Damrongwattanapokin and Pakaporn Penpayap, talented art students of Communication Design Department, Chulalongkorn University under “New Star Artist Search” Project by Koi Art Gallery.  During the upcoming exhibition, the two young artists will investigate and attempt to understand the concept of human curiosity.  Perception of ordinary person on what is happening behind the closed toilet door is so straight forward that there is nothing but waste dumping. Ironically, what go on beyond that particular door are simply truth, lies, sex and what more.  People outside will never have a chance to see what are really going on inside but use own imagination to fill suspicion. Through these art pieces will reflect the imagination and thought of curious people who are waiting outside those closed doors and what inside people do to fulfill own need when the door are closed.  Ketkarn skillfully used acrylic on linen technique to tell the difference between reality and expectation while Pakaporn will use her specialized illustration technique (pigment ink and Indian ink on paper) to reveal the complexity of human mind and their curiosity