The Beautiful Colors of Happiness

Koi Art Gallery presents “The Beautiful Colors of Happiness” contemporary painting exhibition by Thongmai Thepram, Sarawut Yasamoot and Chainarong Kongklin to be held from June 3-30, 2011. 

The 3 artists skillfully reflect their different view of happiness through their work in “The Beautiful Colors of Happiness” exhibition. Thongmai expressed his ideal beauty via women figure in various postures. His work also featured “cat” to represent the beauty of women natural habit. While Thongmai’s view of beauty is being inspired by woman figure, Sarawut’s happiness is rather simple as his works are inspired by his impression from the city night lights and the happiness derived from shining lights and colors of skyscrapers. Chainarong presents the contact between western and eastern cultures. Instead of turning against the culture change and being upset, he accepts the inevitable and search for the beauty and happiness amidst these changes.