Color of Day/Color of Night

Painting exhibition

by : Anita Suputipong and Chirs Coles

“Color of Day/Color of Night” is a duo exhibition of latest works by Chris Coles, an American artist who is one of the first artists to explore the world of Bangkok Night and Anita Suputipong, talented artist who has been passionate by art and beautiful image since when she was young and also in love and connected to nature intimately.  During the upcoming exhibition, Chris & Anita will together present the colors of Bangkok in many facets taking you through the busy, bustling industrious Bangkok during the day and alluring night life.  Bangkok is a city of sharp contrast with people of every size and skin tone, every income level, every intelligence level and ethnicity.  There is tremendous wealth and modernity and also overwhelming poverty as well as stuff that are not modern at all.

In this exhibition, Chris Coles will showcase two sets of paintings, one group full of noir colors from the Bangkok Night, the clubs, the people, the streets, and, for the first time, another group of paintings, with daytime colors, brighter, more cheerful and lit by the sun. On the other hand, Anita, with her eclectic style influenced by Expressionism, Surrealism and Impressionism, will through her oil paintings convey the messages about the value of co-existence between human beings and mother-nature, as well as about the balance of inner world romanticism and day-to-day life.  Anita integrates love and light into her art, desiring to remind people of joy and peace amidst life’s beauty.