4 - 25 March 2011
opening exhibition 4 March 6.30 PM.

Dusadee Huntrakul has always been interested in how meanings are formed, embedded, and get transferred unto collective myths through objects, gestures, and forms. His work on papers came from collage tradition that often concerned itself with disrupting, replacing, conducting, altering, and rearranging the preexisted forms for other possible forms, spaces, and narrations. Often between places and always somewhere between allegories, part of Dusadee’s practice has further come to examine materiality of objects, mediums, and their potentials to carry encoded or derived meanings in particular cultural space. His installation with variety of mediums can be considered a transmigration space, through ensembles of organized materials, as an attempt to contemplatively prolong metaphorically signified collective myth of which may allow meaningness.

Inside “Excerpt from Love Letters” exhibition, attendees can also pick up free reprinted found photographs and found love letters with Dusadee’s hope that these reprinted found photographs and reprinted found love letters will be shared and lost and maybe found again