Room variety walls

3rd - 28th Feb 2011 Painting exhibition by : Variety walls group 
Krisadank Intasorn,
Kraisorn Wichaikul,
Manit Srisuwan, 
Thavorn Phansa

The Room is the space defined by the four sides of walls. In everyday life, each side of the room is designed differently according to the direction it faces and its usage. Some have walls with doors that are closed to the outside world, whereas some have walls with windows which open to nature. And there are some walls which are decorated with colorful paintings which appeal to your heart. However, this Room is not encircled by walls. This Room has no doors, no windows and no one. Rather it is a space of feelings, friendship and connections which bind four friends together. The room walls might be different, but this symbolizes the differences that we all have between us. This does not divide us, but rather the combination of differences falls into place nicely when seen as a whole. Through its creative style, the Room intends to inspire you to create Art forms which would inspire others. With its spirit, the Room is ready to welcome us all to enter and partake in a brand new experience. In this respects, I hope that the Room would impress you with its friendliness.