WxLxH-MES petits monsters

Koi Art Gallery lets you discover abstract art in WxLxH-MES PETITS MONSTERS by Tossapol Khemawatthanakul WxLxH - MES PETITS MONSTERS by Thailand\\\\\\\'s newest art sensation, Tossapol Khemawatthanakul, emotionally communicates both the positive and negative feelings that.  
Among many things around me, in one place, the body must be related with the environment all the time. Either the first one or the second one must arouse and always responsed to each other. The being in the society can affect my feeling and my mind. The space and environment always influenced my mind a lot. 
The created Monsters to be my friend are cute, friendly and innocent. They are the character in my imagination without cruel, complicated, busy, non- various feeling colored. They are such what my mind needs to be fulfilled for something missing or lost in my life. The Monsters and the space is enough and easy to understand my feeling that needs the freedom and enjoys my independent space of imagination. 

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