After studying publicity design and illustration, Miche Bauwin had a formation in painting, silk screen, printing and sculpture from her work and experience in various art academies and studios.  She now devotes herself exclusively to her art and in recent years, her visual arts focus on writing.

The works of Miche Bauwin will provide the viewers with the sense of freedom. Her art is a creative process that causes a release of jubilant euphoria in our brain. Her works allow the viewers to create their own history and to escape through her canvases. Her work is made of indecipherable words and colored scrolls rocking and immersing us in another universe that we gradually get used to. If we push those limits aside and go beyond the scope of her canvas, the Miche frees up the creation of her sighs and accentuates the vibration in her “sphere-paintings”. 

“Writings” Exhibition in Bangkok is considered a new challenge for Miche Bauwin to present her work in another culture.  An interpellation -with her arts and its signs- of an audience whose writing is different, to confront them with the unreadable and magical unknown language of the artist.

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