Densen / Plus α

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “Densen / Plus α(alfa)” visual art exhibition to be held  from  May 3 - 31, 2012. This solo exhibition showcases the latest works of New York based Japanese artist, Eiji Sumi, who continuously taps into the full range of creative resources to express conceptual, yet innovative view of visual art.  Eiji Sumi has been curated twice by Eric Shiner, director of Andy Warhol Museum who worked with famous Japanese artists such as Yoko Ono and Yayoi Kusama.


With aims to raise consciousness on undergrounding power cable, Eiji Sumi has been inspired to examine objects that would add extra something and stimulate our consciousness. What about still life painting of power cables? What if there are power cables inside gallery? What is missing because of power cables? Eiji Sumi, examines and experiments his point of view of Power Cables and Electricity in using the method of contemporary visual art.  Sumi combined various fields of arts such as paintings, drawing, sculptural installation, lighting design and photography to create this unique visual art exhibition.  Visitor will experience strange sensation that cable sculpture is interfering and blocking the other works inside the gallery.  An artist talk, “Transmedium” will be held on May 4, 2pm.

Talk about Placement of object, examination between the boundaries of painting, drawing, Installation and more. Discussion about power cables - redesign/solution/current. 

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