Acqua Alta a Venezia

Koi Art Gallery is pleased to present Carlo Marchiori’s solo exhibition in Bangkok.  As Bangkok had recently been affected by a bad flood, Carlo Marchiori, born in the Veneto region of Italy, recalled that Venice is also the subject to flood usually during the fall and winter months when the Venetians refer to as “Acqua Alta”

At times, “Acqua Alta” coincides with carnival, the famous winter festival in Venice. On that notion, Marchiori envisions the endurance of joys and festivities along the inclemency of the weather: colorful barges (known in Italian as “bissona”) floating on the lagoon and fireworks reflected on the flood water. The festival, music and life must go on in Venice.

With this phenomenon in mind, Carlo has created his latest works as he also wanted to convey his sympathy and encourage the Thai people to endure and quickly recover from the unfortunate experience.  His latest works are inspired by the old Venice and a hint of 18th century style combined with modern approach and contemporary sense of humor.  At the same time, Carlo wants to pay tribute to the style of the old Venetian masters such as Canaleto and Guardi.

Born in Veneto region of Italy in 1937, Carlo Marchiori was educated at the renowned art schools of Perdua and Venice where he learned the classical techniques of trompe l’oeil and figurative painting. He has created paintings and murals that depict Commedia dell’Arte characters and Greco-Roman mythological figures both human and animal.  His works can be seen in notable hotels, restaurants and private residences in Asia, Europe and North America.  Carlo now divides his times between Napa Valley in California where he built Ca’Toga, a fantastical Palladian villa that serves as his house and studio, and Bangkok.

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