Phenomenon of Mind

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “Phenomenon of Mind” contemporary art exhibition to be held from December 7, 2012 – January 7, 2013. This exhibition showcases the latest contemporary paintings by renowned Thai artist, Paramat Lueng-On, who skillfully and artistically express his belief and concept on the dynamic nature of human mind which is in no way decipherable.

“Phenomenon of Mind” is a solo exhibition of latest contemporary creation of paintings by Paramat Lueng-On, contemporary Thai artist internationally renowned for his brilliant works showcased both in public places and private collection. He used the canvas as the mean to portray the dynamic nature of human mind.  He skillfully used his arts to express his concept on how the human mind works. The nature of mind is kind of strange, a true wonder and beyond any control.  It’s almost impossible to understand how the human mind works as it’s dynamic and indescribable. They have no tangible reality or intrinsic existence at all.  Sometimes, we believe that human mind works within reason while other times, it has no reason at all.  The concept of mind is fascinating as it is impossible to explain what it is and how it works, where and why it evolves.

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