Ballad of the black cloud

Koi Art Gallery is proud to present “Ballad of the Black Cloud” art exhibition to be held from February 1-28, 2013. This exhibition showcases the latest artworks by Pomm Jitpratuk, who explores the depth of dreams and the subconscious through the use of illustrative lines and colors.

“Ballad of the Black Cloud” is a solo exhibition of latest artworks by Pomm Jitpratuk, a talented artist and designer with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from UK’s renowned Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design. In this exhibition, the artist explores the lure and duality of the subconscious that is prevalent in every being.

Born in Thailand and studied in UK, Pomm Jitpratuk both challenges and explores personal desires through closed eyes. His illustrative paintings display impossible feats and incredulous matters that can only be possible in dreams. Pomm forces us to decipher the meaning of his paintings through clear lines which don’t fully reveal its true content. In habiting dreams in his paintings, the artist expresses his interpretation on Thai society’s restrictions and social norms. They reflect the suppressed personalities of oneself that is afraid to be revealed in the awakened state. The way people function today is on the borderline of hypocritical, shying away from their real self and hiding within their subconscious dreams. Only in the dreams are colors explored, true nature exposed, and the impossible possible without any consequences or guilt.

Fantasy and whimsy illustrations that can be sometimes found in children’s fairy tales here take on a more serious, critical approach in Pomm’s paintings. The artist cites his everyday surroundings and lost dreams as the source of his inspiration. Once introduced with Pomm’s unique and illustrative contemporary style, the work has a dynamic vocabulary that has led viewers in a state of awe. Regardless what these dreams mean to the artist, Pomm seeks to push viewers to ask themselves how to bring their true self out of their dreams and into their present, awakened life. His works have been exhibited throughout Thailand. He currently lives and works in Bangkok.

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