Chris Coles Bio

Chris Coles Bio


Chris Coles is an artist and filmmaker who divides his time between Bangkok and the coast of Maine.  He is one of the first artists to explore the world of the Bangkok Night.  His paintings, in the Expressionist style, are jagged emotional portraits, revealing a raw and primitive layer of the human experience. 


Chris grew up on the coast of Maine and after graduating from Brown University, received a Watson Fellowship to spend a year living in the Bajuni Islands off the coast of East Africa where he made a series of voyages up and down the coast in Swahili trading dhows.  He has also lived and worked in Europe, North America, Asia, the South Pacific, Australia and Greenland.  Chris is also a graduate of the British National Film School and has taken art courses at the Otis School in Los Angeles.  Among the films he has worked on are CHAPLIN, L.A. STORY, RAINBOW WAR, SIRENS, CUTTHROAT ISLAND, SUPERMAN and many more.



2005               Colleague Gallery  Bergamot Station - Los Angeles

Fritto Misto  -  Los Angeles

2006               Agora Gallery  -  New York

2007               Main Street Gallery – Los Angeles

2008               HHLT Gallery - Harpswell

2009               Liam’s Gallery - Bangkok

2010               Koi Gallery - Bangkok