Born and raised in Kanagawa and Tokyo prefecture in Japan. Graduated Rikkyo University
( St Paul\'s University) Tokyo Japan. Alumni : Hiroshi Sugimoto / Haruomi Hosono, etc.
1994 Based in New York. Studied at Art student league of New York. 
Guest Lecturer / Installation Art at Persons New School, New York

Eiji Sumi\'s creativity first originated in the realm of fine art, which was later extended to design and lighting and installation. Sumi creates visual arts in the various fileds such as drawing, painting, graphics and lighting design and installation. He started his art training as a child in Japan, which culminated with the study of painting with various commissioned art works in New York. He has created visual art and design for various clientele including, mural painting for The Maritime Hotel, and The Bowery Hotel, Graphic Art for Nike Japan, Asashi Beer, Greenwich Hotel and Duncan Quinn, Lighting fixture for the Maritime Hotel, and many more.

Those period influenced in many aspect of his work and as result, his work has less boundary in his medium.

He had exhibited his work in New York, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Toronto and in 2012 Bangkok.
He had exhibition \" Land(e)scape showing his \"Oneline Drawing\" curated by Eric Shiner (Current
Director of Andy Warhol Museum) at Onishi Gallery, Chelsea, NewYork,
Art direction and Photography for \"Chinatowns \" at Storefront for Art and Architecture, Soho New York, Lighting Installation \" Light it up\"/”Limited Edition Unlimited Design” at Salomon Arts Gallery Tribeca 2009/2010, Nuit Blanche/ Bring to Light art festival “Chimera of Meteoshower/ Diaphaspectrum 2010/2011, \"Speed of Life\" Invisible Dog Art Center \". and more.

Currently Sumi continuously tap into the full range of creative resources to express conceptual, yet innovative view of visual art and design.